Monday, April 4, 2011

Ow! Charlie Bit Me...

So i was all set to blog about my weekend, but... since i've had such a horrible morning and since i can brely barely type, i might save that for tomorrow.

I blame myself. In a twisted way, its sort of my fault. I'm the one that's gotten lazy. with the dog training. and boy do those brats know how to take advantage of me. and so last night as i looked at their adorable little faces, begging me to let them sleep in the bed with us, i just couldn't say no.

So when the alarm went off this morning and BF got out of bed, knocking his leg into Rio who immediately yelped and then got pissed, it shouldn't have surprised me that he would turn and attack his brother which i then in turn, in my half awake stupor stuck my hand in the middle of two fighting dogs to break them up. and then CHOMP. on. my. mother. f*cking. FINGER!!! This was followed by some swearing, some more swearing, and then me threatening to send them to the yorkie kill shelter (yes, i took it back. sorry guys - mama was pissed).

As i was getting up to go clean my vicious attack wound, SQUISH. dog turd alert! on the bottom of my BARE FOOT. Seriously? FML. all at 6:15 in the morning. i then had to a) wash my foot b) wash my finger and c) wash the carpet.

And then i lost it. LOL i was still only half awake, bleeding from the finger and had a poo foot. The waterworks started which i'm sure my already running late BF loved. He did try to comfort me and calm me down but now i have FOUR punctures in my index finger on my left hand. Bled thru 3 band-aids and my finger has a heart beat. i even had to take some advil because my whole hand was starting to hurt.

This was just not a good morning. :( it did however remind me of THIS hilarious YouTube video:

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