Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Confessions!

Today I'm linking up for my first confessional!


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I confess...

I just donated $ to a charity for my cousin but thought about using that same donation as a "gift" for another friends birthday (she requested charity donations instead of gifts) hey, dont judge me, im a girl on a budget!

i weighed myself this morning and considered the extra pound that I put on as "period" weight... when in reality i haven't been eating that great. But listen if i want to be a little delusional this week, aren't i entitled? i mean, just a little bit?

and i'm still thinking of eating junk for lunch! taco bell anyone? nom nom nom...

i am purposely ignoring the "hey how are you" email from shitty friend that has been previously mentioned in posts because i quite frankly just don't feel like responding. (even though we all know im going to cave sooner or later)

i contemplated not going into work today so i could stay home and watch the royal wedding with the pups. and yes, i know a co-worker who actually did!

i sent my BF to my house today to mow the lawn in the backyard because i just really didn't feel like doing the work! and the grass is SUPER long!

i cannot stop playing WWF and play at red lights, at work, when i should be sleeping... its actually worse than the angry birds addiction was!

what are your confessions for today?


  1. I can't believe someone called into work so they could watch the royal wedding! That makes me laugh.
    I think I'll eat taco bell for dinner, it's my fav time 10!

  2. I don't know why my comment didn't post...hmmm??
    I said I want to eat taco bell for din's my fav times 10....

    And I can't believe someone actually called into work so they could watch the royal wedding! I wonder what excuse was used?

  3. Taco bell is good for the crazy cravings I get sometimes. It's cheap and sleazy, but oh so good.

  4. I love words with friends. My hubby and I fight over who gets to play a turn. I have at least 7 games going right now. It's a total addiction.

    I'd use the donation for the gift for your friend. I'm a girl on a budget too, I totally get you!

  5. Ha!! These are great confessions ... I ate at taco bell twice lsst week. I get the 3 crunchy tacos, no cheese and it's not horrible calorie wise. I just like to trick myself into thinking TB is healthy HA!