Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Fun Filled Weekend!

Happy Monday girlies! It was a great weekend but now we're back to Monday. At least I have a 3-day weekend to look forward to and hopefully some nicer weather! (Though i think the forecast was rain all week... grrr...)

Friday night I headed to Staten Island to dinner with G and family. It was my first time meeting his brother and his family so that was nice... We had a feast at a chinese restaurant called Jade Island. The atmosphere is a Tiki bar and its rumored that Anthony Bourdain filmed there recently! As always this bad blogger didn't take any outfit pics... it was rainy, we were running late and i forgot my camera... oopsy!

Saturday we were up bright and early. Blew off the gym and hit up one of our favorite spots. Sonic. Love that glorious drive thru. After we stuffed ourselves silly, i had to go to Petsmart and get these.

The brats are too small to get on the bed themselves... so i guess for $20 this was a good investment. Until i got home and of course, they were scared of them and refused to go near them. Luckily a tasty treat enticed Rio enough (who is now a pro) and Scooter eventually followed.

We also ended up at Dick's Sporting Goods where our initial trip was for these.

So the original idea was for G to run, and for me to skate along side him. Which sounds in theory like a good idea. Til we saw these.

Yup. Just call me Lance Armstrong.

Those are the bikes sitting by my car. We had to buy a trunk rack at Dick's and attempt to put it on in the parking lot. That only took 8 years a little while to do.

Did you know mountain bikes don't come with kickstands? Who'da thunk it...

So anyway, by the time we got back we decided to just take a ride around G's development... and can i just say... i sucked. BIG TIME. But people, in my defense, i don't think i've ridden a bike since i was like, 15... so cut me a break here. Also, i used to ride in my driveway (my parents had a super long driveway) and not in the street with actual CARS! oh and golf carts (G lives in a development with a golf course. snooty i know... hehehe) I mean, couple all that with the fact that i didn't know how to switch gears, and i was rolling at a speed of about 2 mph. Oh and my ass hurt. It just wasn't a pretty sight for me. BUT, i am determined... i WILL get better! In the meantime...

I guess i deserved that...

Sunday I went to see Something Borrowed with ma dukes... i thought it was cute and entertaining. i loved the part where Rachel pulled a certain body part on the dance floor. that had me cracking up! And Dex.... swooon.... and Ethan... swooon!

Bachelorette starts tonight, who's watching? Catch me on twitter if you wanna chat during the show! (See my link to the right!)

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