Friday, May 6, 2011

Over Budget, or almost...

So i started May with high hopes. I had consolidated all my debt. I had my income tax refund - some going to savings, some going to debt, some going to fun. I was on track with my crazy excel budget that I obsessively look at and track EVERY penny that is in my name.

And then wednesday hit.

Dog food shopping - $50 Bam!
Mother's Day gift - $100 Bam! Bam!
Food shopping - $182 Bam! Bam! Bam!
Scooter Vet Appt - $250
And ladies and gents, shay is DOWN FOR THE COUNT! Tee Kay OHHHHHHH!

Just when you think you're getting ahead... it's all these little and not so little set backs that knock ya back down...

I was supposed to use $1000 of my tax return to pay "extra" on my debt... instead, it was spent on the hotel for Myrtle Beach (which I'm getting reimbursed for, so not sure if that really counts), vet bills (though, poor Scoots has double ear infections and mega bad allergies. Poor guy...), and general nonsense!

Somehow I managed to still stay within + numbers on my spreadsheet. But that's only because our natural gas bill wasn't as high as I anticipated.

So. 10 more days surviving with $47 to my name. Think I can do it? I hope so! The good news is that the fridge is stocked so G and I can cook at his place all weekend. I have a "Lunch-n-Learn" in the office tomorrow, so free lunch...

Just gotta make it thru next week... cross your fingers for me that i can make it! Do you keep crazy budgets to keep track of your money?

PS this was written yesterday with the intent to publish last night. Instead I spent my night at Cinco de Mayo festivities and am now down to about $10 for the next week. Sweet. LOL

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