Thursday, May 19, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic.

SIGH. Its a vicious cycle i tell ya... this whole shopping thing. Here's what went down...

Embarked on a lunch trip today to f21 to find C a dress for a "backyard white trash wedding". yes, i know what you're thinking... and yes, its probably the same thing i was thinking when she mentioned it... which was probably the same thing she was thinking when she got invited to it...

That bizarreness aside, i just happened to stumble upon THE. CUTEST. TOP. like everrrrrrr... (like oh moi gawd...SO cute)

it actually looks SO much cuter in person... hopefully the weather cooperates this weekend and i can wear it to dinner with G and his family (i'm meeting his brother for the first time tomorrow night----eeek!) what kinds of pants/bottoms do you think i should pair this with?

I picked up a few more things that i really didn't needed (of course none of which i can even find on the website) and then we went to our fav mall eatery (and a few of yours too!)

yup, that's really me, posing with the cardboard cow, making a scene... i also may or may not have stolen a balloon for my friend's office and then proceeded to walk around the mall with it. no shame i tell ya, none at all. 32 going on 13. sad...

OH! and i wanted to show you this lovely that i picked up late last week... i forgot to bring a clutch for AC (yes its a lame excuse but im sticking to it). i admit, it was a little pricey, but for reals girls, it totally ROCKS.

channeling my inner bad ass with the leather and the rhinestones/studs. like i said, it was a bit more than i would normally pay for a no name clutch, but i definitely think i can get lots of use out of it. what do you think?

oh yeah, and i also picked me up one of these bad boys... (hi, im shay and im a shopaholic) IN MY DEFENSE, i only paid $30 for it.

(Note: this isn't the exact one. coach's stupid website wouldn't let me copy the photo.) Sooooo, i had a store credit to Lord & Taylor from a bazillion (ok 2) years ago that was about to expire. Figuring we're going to Myrtle next month and i'd like to not have to lug Sir Speedster all around (he weighs like 10 lbs no joke) i'd get something a little smaller and more manageable. Yup, i am the queen of justifying all my purchases. Luckily the credit i had was for $107 buckaroos, so i got this sweet baby for 30 bucks. SCORE!

ANYWAY. there ya have it... the reasons why i will be eating cereal and mac and cheese for the next 2 weeks til i get paid. On a positive note... besides the fact i have cool stuff, i didn't break out my credit cards once. Nope all this stuff that i absolutely didn't needed was paid for by my cold hard earned cash. See, that's the sweet silver lining to this post... hahaha...

Have any of you been shopaholics lately? What are your favorite purchases?


  1. Love the clutch! I totally think you should pair the top with white lined pants. So cute! Or white denim skinnies and some red high heels with platforms! Yes, yes, yes ... white denim. I like that idea better.

    I might have to get myself one!
    And the fact that you picked up a coach purse for $30 is fantastic! :-)

  3. OMG I *just* saw that top last week and LOVED it!!!!