Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Confessions

It's been a long week and i'm ready for a drink (or 5)...

so bless me blog world for i have sinned...


I confess... I snoozed 5x this morning. I'm working from home today so i knew i didn't *really* have to wake up on time...

I confess... instead of a healthy breakfast, I did the golden arches. and i left the house without brushing my teeth or hair (yes im a scumbag)

I confess... the ladies of the View just annoy me. Yet, i'm THAT lazy that i can't get up to get the remote to change the channel.

I confess... i hand fed the dog this morning... he has become a picky eater and only likes to eat if i give it to him a piece at a time. from my hand. Can we say spoiled?

I confess... i bought 4 nail polishes this week. i may have a small obsession. Just add it to the list of obsessions i guess.

I confess... i would love to hear from all of you more! I know I'm still new at this but i already love all the bloggy friends i've already made and i'm really excited to get to know more of you!

What are your confessions for the week? Link up here!


  1. I find the View super annoying too. In fact when I work from home most daytime TV annoys me so I end up watching hours and hours of Iron Chef America and then thinking about all the amazing food they make.

  2. hah - I never even get dressed to go out and down the road for a McD's breakfast. It's the only time I don't even care's McDonald's and I'm going through the drive thru...who cares??

    I'm in need of some new nail polish myself, have you ever read Megan over at

    You don't know what nail polish obsession is until you've read her blog, she's great!

  3. I confess I have days where I leave the house to realize that I didn't brush my hair... or teeth, then search for a piece of gum that is usually never where I left it in the car. BOO.

    Happy Friday!

  4. I'm a sucker for my puppys face as well... I just can't ever discipline her. And nail polish is without a doubt my weakness!