Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time Wasters

Think it might be a slow day at work... which is good because I feel pretty darn UN-motivated to do any actual work anyway. On days like this i like to indulge in what i like to call Time Wasters. Here are a few of my favorites below!

1. Facebook/Farmville/Zuma Blitz

2. Texts from Last Night - a hilarious website of user submitted texts. Most of them are drunken or about drinking. The rest are about sex. But they are all pretty gosh darn funny. Some of my favorites from today:

(530): My ex came to my place while I was gone. Random things he took: snow shoes, my laundry quarters, a decorative picture, all my condiments, the container that held my rice and a sticker off my wallet. Then left a note saying he watered my plants and fed my cats. What. The. Fuck.

(859): how thoroughly do i need to sanitize the cone the vet put around my dog's neck for it to be safe to use as a beer bong?

(501): I just found what appears to be a tooth in my purse...anybody missing one?

3. Perez Hilton - my 1st stop source for celebrity gossip! Loves him!

4. Twitter - Find me here posting about random stuff! Along with some of my other favorite bloggy friends!

5. Your Blogs! See my sidebar to ALL the ones I read on a daily basis!

What do you do at work when you want to procrastinate? Happy Hump Day Girlies!

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  1. haha cute post. fb and blogging are what i do to past the time while my lil girl naps. lol
    coach giveaway!