Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast...

I met a girl crazyyyy for meeeeeee! i met a boy cute as can beeeeeee.... oops, i'm getting carried away over here... but how can you not LOVE that movie and just want to sing along (i know you all are in your heads as you're reading this!)

Anyway, since the Jersey weather hit the 90 degree mark AND since there are only two more weeks til i'm off on my myrtle beach vacash... and since all my sweet bloggy friends are posting about them, i think i need me one of these.

Adorable right? Though, i really don't know if i could pull off a bright pink hat... don't get me wrong, i LOVE me some pink. But i'm thinking of something more like below. I'll let my girls PinkLouLou and Kristen from All in My Twenties go for the pink! (And check out their blogs while you're at it, they're fabby!)

More my style:

This one's from Nordstrom, very cute, will match most anything... reasonably priced.

This one is also cute, more of a taupe color... not sure that i love the white stripes on the brim and bow ribbon.

This Urban Outfitters one may be the winner... though its simple, i love the "flop" of it...

Another simple and sweet hat, a bit different from Bloomies. Is this worth $48 + shipping? Darn, of course, the more i look at it, the more i like it. But the budget is tight this month since i need spending moola for the actual trip. (Can we say his & hers massages!)

Anyway, weigh in and let me know which hat you think I should get... i definitely have to get something, don't want any pre-mature wrinkling, i spend WAY too much money at the dermatologist to damage my skin.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, have a blast, stay safe and i'll catch you on the flip side of the weekend!

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  1. ahh thanks girlie!! LOVE all the hat pics you posted! I couldn't decide between pink and black hat... so I told them to surprise me! haha