Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Confessions! Vol 2

Here we go girls! Friday is here already and bless me father for i have sinned...

I confess...
  • I took about a 3 hour lunch today. Had to go to a client lunch presentation, and after that lunch decided I needed a break, so grabbed C and L and took ANOTHER lunch break and a half!
  • While on said lunch, returning a shirt at Kohl's, turned around and bought these babies...
  • I've been sort of cranky and "mean" to the BF all week (or so he says) and we're supposed to go watch the big fight at his buddies house tomorrow night and i really don't want to go. I'm just feeling somewhat anti-social and unfriendly...
  • I'm feeling really lazy lately and even though the dog stinks to high hell really don't feel like giving him a bath tonight.
  • I'm having one of those weeks where I'm straight up ready to throw the scale out the window. I've been busting my ass with cardio kickboxing and for the most part watching what I eat, and the numbers are not budging. Its just getting really frustrating.
  • I'm stressing about turning 33 in a month. 3-3. OLD. nuff said. Bleh.
  • The former bestie's birthday is in a few weeks and I'm not sure how much of a "friend" i should try to be. Do i just Facebook wish her a happy bday? Do i send her flowers to work? Or just a card? Do i attempt to make dinner plans? How much or how little do i care when i know she has written me off her friends list?

Well there you have them. My confessions for the week... What are some of yours? Link up with the Glamazon Mom and share!

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  1. I love your confessions! At least you've been to the gym unlike me. I love those shoes, way more fun than Nikes. Have a good weekend, I hope to actually make it to the gym on Saturday or Sunday. I don't even wanna think about stepping on a scale right now.