Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello lovelies, hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
The best news of the weekend came in late last night...

I still remember the horror of this like it was yesterday. Having a cousin who is NYPD as well as another family member that used to work in the Twin Towers (thankfully he wasn't there that day), i'm just happy all the victims of 9/11 can finally have some closure.

In other news, the rest of the weekend was great! Friday i got to G's house and though it was a low-key night, we managed to book our vacation for Myrtle Beach, so that's all set. I'm pretty excited and looking forward to some relaxing and hopefully lots of good weather! (Though definitely NOT looking forward to being another year older. Boo.)

Saturday morning, we were up early and I went to this:

An old friend from HS days was in the neighborhood teaching a class. If there are classes in your towns ladies, i'd DEFINITELY recommend this class. It was a BLAST! Basically 6 dance routines (yes, we did the Britney!) which you learn slowly and then go thru a few times. I was a little skeptical about how much of a "workout" this class was going to be, but i was certainly sore on Sunday so i definitely think it was harder than i thought!

Saturday afternoon we hit the mall so G could get some summer clothes, then went for ice cream (non-fat fro yo in my case...) and then just hung out for the rest of the night.

Sunday i was up bright and early for my roomie's mom's 60th birthday brunch. Me and my cuz stopped and picked her up a cute lil flowered tree in the morning... the brunch was fabulous and she was so happy we were there.

After brunch, i decided to head into the city to visit G at work and have dinner with him. For those of you that aren't from Jersey, we pretty much refer to Manhattan as "the city" you know... the greatest city on earth, that sorta thing, (and dont you Philly people try to disagree!). I pretty much have lived my whole life living about an hour away from said city. And back in the day, used to party in the city like a freaking rock. star. true story. However, in my old (32 year old) age, i have come to describe myself as more of a "country mouse" so to speak. I'm always worried about driving in the city, finding my way around, traffic, and i think i'm just a lot more laid back for the hustle and bustle of city life. I do however, love the variety and choices the city offers. And on a nice day, its fun to walk around, window shop, etc. So began my journey into "the city"...

I dropped the pups off at G's house, got on the road, and BAM. Traffic. EVERYWHERE. the turnpike had traffic the entire way up, and that only worsened once i got to the holland tunnel. where i sat. and sat. and inched. and sat. and inched. and don't block the box, its a 2-pt ticket. and sat some more. i finally made it in, only to hit more traffic on 6th ave. by the time i FINALLY made it to my destination, G was getting off work. G works in a museum and the thought was for me to get there about an hour before he was finished so i could get a tour and walk around a little. So that didn't really happen, but we did manage to grab dinner at a cute little mediterranean (sp?) place in Chelsea and... i got THESE for the pups.

I know you're thinking, WTF are those? and yes, they are what you think they are. dog booties. i know i peaked your interest, and yes, i promise, there will be a post dedicated to this. i just have to get the videos and photos uploaded. til then, here's a little teaser!

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