Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Fever...

Soooo, is it just me, or are there a TON of celebs having babies right now? And is it just me or are there a TON of friends having babies right now?? I was at a party the other night where there were THREE pregos (yes, there were jokes about drinking the water)...

Alicia Silverstone just gave birth to a baby boy and named him "Bear Blu" which personally i think sounds RE-DICK. I mean, i guess with all the other strange celeb kids names out there, Zuma & Kingston, Apple, Rumor & Scout, Bronx, Mariah's twins - Monroe and Moroccan he will fit right in...

Kate Hudson is getting bigger by the day, and I'm pretty sure Pink is about to pop...

As I'm weeks closer to being another year older I'm finding that my biological clock has been ticking hard core lately. I mean, the second I turned 30 that f*cker has been ticking away slow and steady in the back of my mind. But as the numbers climb and climb, boy does that ticking get louder.

I guess i just always thought motherhood would have happened for me already. But it seems like life had other plans for me instead. Looking back on the past 5 or so years its hard to believe how things turned out for me. I dated R for a few years and was married in 2007. In retrospect that was probably a wrong decision from the start. That and the fact that he turned out to be a functioning alcoholic and emotionally abusive and unsupportive (but that's a topic for another day i suppose) And only a year later, divorced, which i have finally made peace with (though my mother still hasn't, and probably never will). And then in a very long non-relationship relationship (aka waiting for the committment phobe to commit, he didn't til it was too late of course). And finally now, in a solid, stable relationship with someone I can see a great future with. I mean, don't get me wrong, the time was never right for babies, especially when i was married. But, despite the ups and downs of my personal life, the desire for kids is still there and still strong.

I know it will happen when the time is right... and i love being aunt and babysitter to a bunch of my friends' adorable little ones... i just can't wait for one of my own.

In the meantime, i guess being a yorkie mom will have to satisfy my inner nurturer. I mean, let's face it, right now scooter has double ear infections and killer allergies and is probably more high maintenance than a human baby. He even puked ON me while i was holding him yesterday... yup, dog puke. Maybe i'm wrong, but i think it totally ranks right up there with baby puke...

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  1. haha I lol'd at the beginning of this when you said "welp, I guess he'll fit right in." I agree, the name is atrocious, but I'm getting used to celebs doing this for a while now. They're idiots for naming their children these freak names.

    Anyway - I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE PINK! I cannot wait for her to pop her little bebe out. And I adore Kate Hudson too, she was funny in Something Borrowed.

    Ok, so Bio Clock. Lucky for me, I babysit my neph once a week and pretty much have since he was born. I have seen all the stages up till 3.5 years old and let me tell you this much, do not be in a rush. I love him with ALL of my heart, he seriously completes my life and he's not even my kid. But I GET TO GIVE HIM BACK! I get to still take naps, I get to go and meet my friends whenever I want. I totally understand sometimes you can't control feeling that want and urge for something, but try to live in the NOW! It will happen when it is meant to happen. Don't waste your days worrying about it. Enjoy your time being selfish because when the day comes and you do have that little one, you are going to have LOTS of moments where you wish you just had one second to yourself. Enjoy being able to just run to starbucks if you want and not having to pack up a diaper bag, lug a little one to the car and buckle them in. It's the little things, I tell you!

    And if you really feel the itch, please read this article:


    Haha, I know I sound anti-baby. I'm not at all. Babies are the most precious thing EVER. I loveeeeeeeeee my neph more than words could ever describe. I just know that when I'm meant to be a mommy, it will happen! I mean, let's be real. I can't even find a man to date so babies are WAY off my radar.